What’s Your Christmas Plan?

Have you developed your Christmas plan yet?
If you have not then now is the time to get started. Christmas will be here before you know it and it will pay to get ahead of the rush.

Most people wait until the last minute to get ready for Christmas and then they wonder why their Christmas is so emotionally draining and nerve-wracking. Christmas is the most chaotic and stressful time of the year so it makes sense to plan it out to cut down on your stress and strain. Only thorough planning and preparation can you have a well-coordinated and pleasurable Christmas. Those who wait until the last minute to prepare oftentimes experience a disappointing and dysfunctional Christmas which creates a lot of anguish and bad feelings all around.

With a little bit of planning, you can avoid having a bad Christmas. You can escape the last minute hysteria and pandemonium because you will have a plan that will smoothly get you through the entire holiday period.

Okay, here’s what you need to do right away. Take out several sheets of paper.
Write down the following headings at the top of each sheet of paper or card:
1) Cards
2) Gifts
3) Decorations
4) Food
5) Tree
6) Lights
7) Presents
8) Parties
9) Miscellaneous (Everything Else)
These are the nine major categories in which all your Christmas planning and preparations will revolve around.

Now that you have these nine categories identified (some will overlap) you need to start brainstorming ideas and listing individual “to do” items under each category. For instance, under “Cards”, you will list and provide answers to questions like what type of cards do we want to send this year, where will we purchase the cards, who do we send the cards to, when should we mail the cards out to ensure they arrive prior to Christmas day, etc. Under “Tree” you might want to ask what type of tree should we put up, where is the best place to buy a tree, what type of tree accessories do we need, etc.

By making such a brainstorm list you are now able to develop a bigger picture of how you want your Christmas to go.

You can now refine your Christmas tasks, arrange and schedule them into a logical sequence, delegate them to others, and track the progress of each individual task until it is accomplished.

This gives you the organization and control you need to ensure that your Christmas turns out the way you want it to.

Using this type of planning system or something similar, you can take all the drama out of Christmas and enjoy a joyous holiday season.

Wishing Everyone a very Merry Planned Christmas



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