The Elf On The Shelf – A Christmas Tradition

Assuming you have children, they are more than likely to get excited thinking about Christmas and all the things it brings with it.

The Elf on The Shelf is a great Christmas tradition to bring into your home. Yes, your children will love it but in all probability, you’ll find they behave much better than usual, as they will believe the Elf is going to report back to Santa, which will only be a good thing.

Elf on the Shelf

It is a fantastic book to read with your children at bedtime and will definitely get everyone into the holiday mood. The theory behind the story is the fact Santa must know whether a child has behaved or not before he gives out the presents on Christmas Eve. So Santa sends his Elf to go and keep an eye on the youngsters in each house.
The Elf sits on the shelf (or mantlepiece, dining table, or anywhere else) and after watching over children each day, comes back to the North Pole each night to report back to Santa.
The children can even register the Elf online and will be required to give him/her a unique name.

The Elf comes along with the hardback book plus a keepsake box for your children to store any Christmas sketches and decorations in. Additionally, there is an action book as part of the series and some additional dolls for instance a Girl and Boy Elf which you can buy when your kids really enter into this tale.

Christmas is a time for holidays and it is fantastic to watch children fall utterly under the spell of Santa and his awesome Elves particularly if the recent economic situation can mean that numerous families have been under pressure just lately.

If you like cultivating the magic of Christmas in your house additional great books to share with young children include the vintage “It was the night before Christmas” plus the many Christmas offerings from their favorite heroes including Barney, Thomas the Train, Barbie etc. Newer books include the fantastic “A Bit of Applause for Mrs Claus”. Some may like to mix in the spiritual aspect of Christmas and will be able to get books written especially for children to assist them to understand that particular message.

The Elf on the Shelf is a good present for every household..

Perhaps you should get your Elf on the Shelf now?

Will it be a Boy Elf or a Girl Elf?




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