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  • Elf on The Shelf Claus Couture Snowy Sugar Plum Duo Outfit – A Scout Elf is not included | Elf on the Shelf Clothes, Ideas, Accessories and Props in Santa’s Store

    The Snowy Sugarplum Duo includes Ice-blue tulle elf skirt with shimmering detailed bodice; Mini nutcracker toy soldier; and Graceful ballet slippers. Set includes Snowy Sugar-plum Duo, for your Scout Elf.
    Stylish Elf clothes. This line of Elf on the Shelf clothes features cute items designed by Mrs. Claus just for the Scout Elves! Each piece of Claus Couture Collection elf clothing pack is hand-crafted at the North Pole, and available for families to give as a gift to their Scout Elf. Each costume is distinct, to kit out your Scout Elf, to show off their unique personality during their daily activities!
    These signature styles will make your elf’s personality shine on arrival! See what Claus Couture Collection fashions your elf can wear to dress to impress this season. From Skirts, PJs, Jumpers, T Shirts, Mermaids, Raincoats, Sleeping Bags and much more!