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    Scout Elves at Play Peppermint Balloon Ride | Elf on the Shelf Accessories | Elf on Shelf Accessories

    Welcome back your Scout Elf with this Elf on the Shelf Elves at Play accessory kit. Spirits will soar when your Scout Elf does! Every Scout Elf’s creativity will take off when they use this balloon ride to create spectacular moments in your home. Perfect for elf returns or just for fun all season long! The activity pack provides all the ideas, props and accessories for a Christmas season of fun.
    Includes: Inflatable balloon and sturdy basket—over 2 feet tall and 4 feet of Candy Cane Cable! Elf ideas and accessories made easy! With these elf-size tools, your elf will have everything they need to create fun surprises for you. More creative in less time-that’s the Scout Elves’ goal this holiday season when it comes to creating unique hiding spots! To reach their goal, the Scout Elves have come prepared with some great time-saving tools and tips from the Scout Elves at Play line of sets!
    Ideas for Scout Elves Who Think Outside the Box. At the North Pole, Scout Elves are trained to run, jump, climb and create innovative hiding spots in homes around the world. To help them put their skills into action, the elves rely on Scout Elves at Play kits and one-of-a-kind accessories. From elf-sized tools, pop-out paper crafts and even mini props that double as Christmas ornaments, the items in the Scout Eves at Play line will inspire your elf’s imagination for a season full of fun!