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  • Bigjigs Toys Wooden Nativity Set – Christmas, Xmas Playset

    Beautifully crafted wooden Nativity Set full of brightly coloured wooden figures.
    Including Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph, 3 wise men, 2 shepherds and much more!
    This wooden playset is a great way to help little ones learn about the story & message of Christmas.

  • Elf on the Shelf Elf Pets A Reindeer Tradition | Elf on the Shelf Props, Elf on the Shelf Accessories

    ? MAGIC HEART CHARM : when Santa’s sleigh is unable to lift off the ground, he must call on his Elf Pets Reindeer to come to the rescue! Thanks to a magic heart charm worn around its neck, each of these Elf on the Shelf pets can help store the Christmas spirit necessary to make Santa’s sleigh soar. By adopting one of these snuggly Elf Pets Reindeer and showing it love, children generate the merriment, wonder and joy necessary to help Santa fulfill his Christmas Eve mission.
    ? MADE OF THE SOFTEST PLUSH SANTA COULD FIND this huggable elf pets reindeer is a great toy for the amount of play children will get. The sweetly illustrated and fun written book helps develop a magical story. Children can adopt a reindeer to love, hug and cuddle as much as possible. This activates the magic stored in their charm. On Christmas Eve, the Christmas magic swirls, and the reindeer grow to full size to help pull Santa’s sleigh.
    ? A TOY THAT MAGICALLY COMES TO LIFE: children love the story to be read to them and taking their new plush Reindeer on adventures! Best for super cute factor adding a little more magic to Christmas. A beautiful toy for girls and boys age 3 – 9.

  • Elf on the Shelf Sugar Plum Soldier Nutcracker Outfit – A Scout Elf is not included | Elf on the Shelf Clothes, Accessories and Props in Santa’s Store

    Your Scout Elf can strike the perfect pose in a nutcracker-themed elf outfit that echoes time-honored decorating tradition. Includes Classic nutcracker red tunic; Gold-embellished black buttons and belt; and Royal blue shorts.
    Stylish Elf clothes. This line of Elf on the Shelf clothes features cute items designed by Mrs. Claus just for the Scout Elves! Each piece of Claus Couture Collection elf clothing pack is hand-crafted at the North Pole, and available for families to give as a gift to their Scout Elf. Each costume is distinct, to kit out your Scout Elf, to show off their unique personality during their daily activities!
    These signature styles will make your elf’s personality shine on arrival! See what Claus Couture Collection fashions your elf can wear to dress to impress this season. From Skirts, PJs, Jumpers, T Shirts, Mermaids, Raincoats, Sleeping Bags and much more!

  • Ginger Ray Silver Star Glass Tea Light Holder Perfect for Christmas & Weddings 1 Per Pack

    Dress your table in style with our Glass Silver Star Tea Light Holder
    Each pack contains 1 holder

  • James & Co No. 4 Red (Spiced Berries, Cinnamon and Vanilla) 100ml Scented Oil Reed Diffuser

    A trio of spiced berries. Wild strawberry is mixed with raspberry blossom and sharp blackberry enveloping with cinnamon and vanilla spice.
    Fragrance; Spiced Berries, Cinnamon and Vanilla
    Up to 8 Weeks of Blissful Fragrance

  • James & Co No. 4 Red (Spiced Berries, Cinnamon and Vanilla) Fragrance Large 300ml Reed Diffuser

    A trio of spiced berries. Wild strawberry is mixed with raspberry blossom and sharp blackberry enveloping with cinnamon and vanilla spice.
    Fragrance; Spiced Berries, Cinnamon and Vanilla
    Up to 5 months of Blissful Fragrance

  • Mystic Moments | Fragrant Oil Starter Pack – Winter Oils – 5 x 10ml

    Gift Starter Pack of 5 Winter Fragrant Oils
    Consists of 10ml bottles of: Frankincense, Mulled Wine, Orange and Cinnamon, Vanilla, Yuletide Spice
    Our Fragrant Oils are specifically formulated to be suitable in soaps, candles, and both skin & Hair care items.

  • The Elf on the Shelf Elf Pets®: A Saint Bernard Tradition | Christmas Toys, Ideas, Props and Accessories from Official Santa Amazon Store

    Have you ever wondered how Santa makes it around the world in one night? Or how he’s able to carry all of those presents? He uses Christmas magic, which is made from Christmas cheer! Learn how Christmas cheer makes it back to Santa year after year in this heartwarming tale all about Santa’s Saint Bernard puppies. These cuddly Elf on the Shelf pets encourage children to engage in acts of kindness to generate cheer to help Santa.
    Elf Pets: A Saint Bernard Tradition box set includes an illustrated storybook and a snuggly Saint Bernard pup wearing a barrel with a golden heart charm. The Saint Bernard puppy uses the barrel to gather Christmas cheer until it’s released on Christmas Eve to keep the North Pole magical. Learn about all of Santa’s furry pals on the Elf Pets page, or read on to learn how to adopt your own Elf Pets Saint Bernard pup.
    Santa’s Elf Pets are magical animals that play important roles during the Christmas season! Sent straight from the North Pole, these cuddly pets serve as year-round pals to kids, who can hug, love and play with them. Each holiday season, the Elf Pets aid Santa with his Christmastime duties. They also answer some of the North Pole’s biggest questions like, “How does Santa’s sleigh fly?” and “What makes the North Pole magical?” With their Elf Pets in hand, kids can help Santa during Christmas!

  • The Elf on the Shelf: Elf Pets®: A Saint Bernard Tradition exclusive bundle with Elf Pets: Santas St Bernards Save Christmas DVD

    This heartwarming tale encourages children to perform acts of kindness throughout the Christmas season alongside the Saint Bernard pup included in this box set. Kids will learn how helping others creates the Christmas cheer Santa needs to fulfill his Christmas Eve duties and more!

  • Vervaco Embroidery Kit: Runner: Christmas Elves, Acrylic, NA, 40 x 100cm

    A traced design on white, 100% cotton. To be embroidered with pre-sorted 100% cotton threads.